Pre and Post-Christmas Toy Detox


The time to detox the toy room has arrived! Instead of getting lost in an ocean of toys, you can use the following tips to de-clutter your home and help others in the process! Make it a family affair and let the kids have some fun as well.

1Toy Detox.jpg


If the toys and games have survived through the entire year, odds are your children are probably bored with them and ready for some new challenges. Gather the kids and go through their toy room. Have them choose the toys that no longer interest them or they feel they have outgrown. Once you've collected the toys, discuss what can be done with them. You can:

  • Donate toys that are in good condition to your local Salvation Army or to a charity that will repair or repurpose them and give them to local children who may not get a toy this year.
  • Call the nearest Children's Hospital to find out what they need. Encourage other parents to detox their toy room as well. Visit the Hospital several days before the holidays and pass out the toys or simply donate them for their toy area.


Post-Christmas Better Known As Organizing the Toy Room Jungle

When you start to organize the new toys your kids received for Christmas, consider putting them into a rotating cycle. Get four or five large bins and divide the toys up. Keep toys that go together in one tote. Throw in a few books and odds and ends to create a variety of experiences. Leave a group of toys in the toy room and put the others in storage. You can rotate them a week or month at a time, depending on how quickly your children begin to lose interest.


Teaching the Lesson of Christmas

For many, Christmas has become so commercialized that the true meaning of the season is forgotten. It isn't about what we get. It's about what we give. Talk to your children. Help them to understand the lesson associated with the “giving” season. Leave them to their own devices and they may surprise you.

The best way to reduce the clutter of toy room, or any other room for that matter, is to get the entire family involved. Not just with the cleaning, but the giving as well. Teach them while they're young and you'll create family traditions that last for generations.