Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?

If you're like most parents you want to give your kids toys and games that allow them to learn and explore their world. If you've kept your kids at home, you might also be curious about how well they will play and interact with others. Let's face it, when the first day of kindergarten arrives, they will be more ready to go than you are. The important thing is making sure they have the basic skills most schools ask for.


Basic Skills for Kindergarten

Most kindergarten curriculums are designed to teach or reinforce the basic concepts that kids are expected to know prior to entering the first grade. Many children already know the basics before entering kindergarten and teachers often use that to their advantage. The basic concepts primarily identified with kindergarten are:

·       Counting to 10

·       The alphabet

·       Colors

·       How to print or identify their name

·       Know name, address, and phone number

·       Able to use a pencil or hold a crayon

·       Follow directions

·       Remain quiet when asked

·       Use full sentence

·       Identify objects by shape and size

·       Easily uses both gross and fine motor skills

Kids that play together learn from one another rather quickly. For example, children who already know their colors, letters and alphabets will often teach others simply through play and mimicking one another.


Socially Prepared

By the time your child reaches 5 or 6 years of age, they've had different levels of social interaction with others, including both children and adults. They understand, for the most part, what is and is not acceptable behavior. Although you teach this at home through play dates, attending church, or other events like family gatherings, you can enroll your child in a daycare or nursery school that allows them to socialize with other kids that are nearer to their own age.

You can rest assured your children are ready for kindergarten when they are capable of doing specific things for themselves, including cleaning up and communicating effectively. Your child will develop according to his or her own pace, and believe it or not, will probably be ready for kindergarten much earlier than you are. The first step of independence can be a difficult one. Allow your children to embrace their new adventure and be ready to share their accomplishments!

Kindergarten-Ready Toys

Toys can be essential in early childhood development play.  As you can read in our piece about this, playing is a great way to develop early skills.

If you are in the process of deciding if your child is ready for kindergarten make sure to check out our eco-friendly line of wooden toys for kids that are ideal for learning basic skills and early childhood development.